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Choose from unique sports of Kitesurf, Yoga, SUP and Bike to experience the full nature of Lake Como. Our Kite School is located in Dervio, the heart of Lake Como for outdoor sports and lifestyle. Explore Kite destinations in Lake Como, Sicily, Sardinia, Brazil and other locations on demand. Join the kitesurfing community of MC4Season for truly memorable experiences!


Kite surf lessons

Kite lessons available for all ages and levels!

Kids Kite

Kids Kite Surf Lessons for 8 – 15 years of age.

Other activities

SUP guiding, Yoga and Bike guiding!


Based in the heart of Lake Como, Dervio is the perfect location to start kite.

Kite by boat

Less effort than walking beaches up and down, focus more on kite skills and enjoy the ride!

Shuttle boat

Pick up and drop off from Varenna, Bellagio, Menaggio for your kite lessons!


Radio in Helmet for clarity in lessons.


Kite, safety equipment and boat rental available

Package holidays

Sicily, Sardinia, Brazil and other locations on demand.


Kiting by boat in Dervio, Lake Como!

The safe and efficient way to kite in Lake Como!

For beginners to experienced kite surfers, our location in Dervio is ideal for everyone!

Kite preparation for boat lift.

For those making boat lift with their own kite equipment, here is a short tutorial on how your kite equipment should be prepared before arrival to ensure a quick and efficient start by boat. Spread the sail of your kite and unroll the cables from the bar starting from...

Season open!

The summer kite surf season in Lake Como is officially opened! For all lesson enquiries please contact us per email or phone!



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