Lake Como

Lake Como is above all other things charming. As one of the 3 largest lakes in Italy at 146 sq. km area and the deepest lake in Europe at 400m deep, this unique Y shaped lake is formed by 3 branches: Colico in the north, Como to the south west, Lecco in the south east and Dervio, our kite school base in the heart of the lake.

Located an hour from the city of Milan, it hosts a collection of scenic medieval villages nestled in and around the green hills and mountains overlooking the lake. This territory is to be lived outdoors. A perfect place for watersports; sailing, kiting, windsurfing, canoeing and SUP boarding. The hills and mountains around popular for climbing, hiking, walking, road and trail biking and the sky for paragliding!


Lake Como is Culture! Slow down and immerse yourself in everything Lake Como has to offer. From local food and drink, arts and crafts, festivals, villas and gardens, gelatos and espressos, to that unique special ambience while sharing lasting memories with friends and family!

A holiday destination ideal for couples, friends, family and groups. Ask about the evening fireworks spectacles in Tremezzo, Mandello and other locations throughout the summer months. Evening viewings by boat organized by request.


Lake Como is Kiting for beginners, for experts, for everyone!

Kite School in Dervio

Located centrally on Lake Como, you can find our Kite center in the village of Dervio from April to October. Apart from Kite surfing, we offer a variety of other activities such as SUP guiding, mountain biking and outdoor yoga separately or included with kite surfing. Other activities available nearby are sailing, climbing, hiking and of course all Italians favored sport, road biking! From our start point in Dervio, we can reach all the best kiting locations of Lake Como with ease. We are proud and ever inspired to have our main kite surf center located here.

Time to Dervio: Bergamo airport (1 hr), Lugano 1.5 hrs (40 mins with Menaggio boat pick up), Zurich (4 hrs), Bern (4 hrs), Munich (6 hrs).

Best time to visit: All months are popular to kite and stay by the lake. Most popular are June, July, August and September.


Kite Surfing zone

The expansive kite area of Lake Como is ideal for all level of Kite surfer from complete beginner to advanced levels. We begin in a central location where the wind is steady and have access to the full width of the lake and up to 10km of upwind/downwind travel. For those who travel upwind and downwind, the open lake is perfect for improving technique and working on style and advanced tricks!

Lessons by boat

By offering lessons by boat, we keep away from crowded beaches where beginners to experts usually start. This maximizes the time you spend in the water; collecting you at any moment you go further downwind. By boat, the instructors offer full guidance to ensure learning and safety is maximized. For those still working on travelling back downwind, we collect by boat to drop you off at the beginning point. Much less energy spent walking up and down beaches.

Boatlift assist

For those not taking lessons, use our school as your base for kite surfing on lake como by boat. We keep you up to date on wind notifications. Kite and spend time with like-minded people.


The instructor will be monitoring your progress and staying close by for assistance. We also take advantage of walkie-talkies connected direct to your helmet, ensuring your technique is always aided with full assistance throughout your lesson. It increases the safety while gaining more confidence while learning.

Flexible pick up points by boat

By boat, we are 10 minutes from pick up locations in Varenna, Bellagio and Menaggio, touristic areas less known for watersports access on the lake. This flexibility allows our guests to immerse in all aspects of the lake experience, choose their preferred hotels, villas or apartments and reduces the need to use transport by road.


The season of thermal wind starts in March/April till October.The lake is surrounded by mountains, slopes and valleys that go all the way down to the shore, channeling winds coming from each direction. These thermal wind patterns found in Lake Como are ideally suited to Kite surf and sailing activities. It offers Kite enthusiast’s ideal conditions for morning and afternoon kiting from April all the way through October.

Best months: April, May, June, July, August, September, and October

Wind Type: Thermal

Wind directions: North in morning, South in afternoon.

The 4 wind systems of Lake Como are the Breva, the Tivano, the Menaggino and the Ventone. The two most important for kiting are the Breva and Tivano.

Morning kiting: Tivano winds, at 15 knots, blow for the whole year from 6 – 10am from the North to the East from the mountains of Valtellina. It is the best forecast for good weather for the rest of the day when it comes.

Afternoon kiting: Breva, 12-15 knots, is the most consistent wind coming from the south for 6 out of 7 days a week. Kiting is possible from 10am – Sunset, with a steady power on the north part of Lake Como. Dervio is the ideally located to begin upwind by boat.

All these various winds make Lake Como an ideal location for kitesurfing and sailing.  The northern half of the lake is where you will find many kitesurfers, windsurfers and sailors.




We organize your vacation

Choose your preferred accommodation and itinerary with our advice and assistance. Contact us for travel and accommodation recommendations in Dervio and other pick up locations around Lake Como.

Sleep at the kite centre! The Lega Navele accommodation to a camping standard sleeps 32 spaces with dorms for 8 single beds, separate bathrooms and showers.