It’s great to get back on the boat and start kiting again in Lake Como! Our team in Dervio is ready for the new summer season 2018!

If you are making your first kite lessons, or are experienced kite surfers searching for boat lift with assistance, our location in Dervio, Lake Como is ideal for everyone. We set up and help launch the kite directly from the middle of the lake, and staying close by with the boat we always have the opportunity to assist you with kite re-launch and also to bring you back upwind to keep you in the best wind spots. Safety of our group is always of utmost importance, be assured that our team will keep an eye on you at all times during your kite experiences. Whenever and wherever you are finished, we can pick you up and pack your kite equipment away ready for the next sessions.

Our team has had time in early May to demonstrate how we begin all of our kite lessons by boat. Kites are inflated in the photos by a manual pump, however we also have an electric pump for larger groups!

We’re ready for your arrival! Take a look at the photos to see how easy it is!