For those making boat lift with their own kite equipment, here is a short tutorial on how your kite equipment should be prepared before arrival to ensure a quick and efficient start by boat.

  1. Spread the sail of your kite and unroll the cables from the bar starting from the leading edge, keeping the RED side of the bar to the RIGHT.
  2. Carefully separate the cables and fasten them to the glider.
  3. Fold the two ends from the wing to the center, put the bridles inside and rewind the cables on the bar.
  4. Remember to close the DEFLATE valve to shorten the launch times (failure to close the valve will result in an increase of 5 euros for the servo lift).
  5. Follow the photos to finish the wing preparation procedure.

The lift service is granted to all MC4Season members, the cost is 30 euros (launch and recovery) and 50 euros for assisted lift (launch, assistance for the first 15 minutes and recovery) and 40 euros for yearly insurance and membership.

The ASD MC4 season assumes no responsibility for the incorrect preparation of the wing and the possible lack of lift for this cause.

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